• Whats new in Air Conditioning?

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    With summer on the agenda quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about how you’ll cool your house. There are many air conditioner specials that you should be aware of before you make any decisions. A lot of HAVC companies are offering deals where one can get a rebate on your old cooling unit if you buy a new one. Sometimes they may also offer free installation if you buy a new unit. There are a lot of new technologies in air conditioning that people are not aware of. These new improvements mainly concentrate on improving the energy usage in the machine and making it operate a whole lot quieter. New air conditioners make far less noise than the older products do. A lot of people complained it was hard to watch television above the noise that there cooling product was making. So HVAC suppliers began establishing new units that would make much less noise. The way they did it is by making the fans a whole lot quieter. The computer chips in the machines also function a whole lot smoother which makes them use much less energy then before. In fact you might barely notice an increase with your electric bill when you turn your unit on for your season. Contact your local HVAC provider and ask them what kinds of discounts they can offer you. This year is the most exciting year we have seen a while in the HVAC community. There are a lot of new units on the market.

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