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    Peoples tastes and preferences are constantly changing. What we find interesting one day is vintage in the morning. This can be seen in lots of different areas including fashion, films, and more things. We can even see the types of homes and apartments changing as we go through the different decades. The decor of a house built in the 70s or 80s will be a lot different than a home that was built recently. New homes have a sleek modern look to them. Most of the angles and edges in the house will be very sharp as an alternative to rounded. Another interesting trend that changes may be the design of pools. When pools were first being built most of the people built them in the form of a peanut. This matched the style of peoples homes and looked good. After this people started building pools in a rectangle shape more frequently. This kind of pool better matched the edgy look that modern homes have. Pool styles are changing again because there are lots of new features becoming available. One feature that men and women are getting is a glass side on the pools. You can only have this if your pool is on a hill. But it looks very nice if you are able to build it. A lot of people are also installing lights and other new modern features in their pool. When you are buying a pool you should think about what will best match your house. It is also a good idea to fit your pool to your backyard.

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