• need to replace your air conditioner?

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    There are many different signs that should make you consider replacing your air conditioner. Most people have the bad habit of thinking their air conditioner is only broken when it stops working completely. However, your air conditioner can be not working or simply out dated long before it actually quits. Here is a list of signs that should make you aware that your unit is no longer functioning properly.

    1. If you notice that your unit is no longer cooling as large of area as it once has. It is difficult to tell when a units performance decreases because this usually happens in such minor steps. It’s a good idea to write down how far your unit effects when it is first installed. This way you can refer to that at a later date and know if your units performance has diminished.
    2. Does your unit make unusual sounds? A properly functioning air conditioner should run very smoothly and make almost no noise except the fan. A good sign that a unit is old or not functioning correctly is if it is making unusual noises. This is a good indicator that their are broken parts inside of your machine.
    3. Does your unit show rust or cracks? this is another good indicator that your unit is far behind where it should be. Rusting on the outside is usually a good indicator of rust on the inside. Once your unit begins rusting on the inside you can be sure that it is not running properly. At the very least runs means the air you are getting is not as healthy as it could be.

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