• When do you need plumbing?

    February 23rd, 2014adminUncategorized

    How would you know when a plumbing issue is out of your hands and needs to be handled with a professional? I always advise people to check their pipes and some other equipment out first. Then if you can’t fix the problem you have to contact a professional plumber. A plumbing job is frequently not that expensive, so should the job is difficult you should choose this choice. The following will walk you throughout the steps you should take ahead of consulting a plumber.

    1. Try swiftly plunging your toilet. Sometimes the clog in the pipe is very near to the surface and we the right amount of pressure it is usually relieved. I advise you to plunge your toilet approximately 5 minutes and build this pressure up. If you can not obtain the water level to lower after 5 minutes there is a serious plumbing issue.
    2. How high is the best water level? if the water is remaining still in the toilet than you may not have a serious issue. If the water begins to overflow from the toilet there is a issue. If the water is over flowing i would immediately call a plumber before it damages your house.
    3. What color is the water? If the water is clear than the issue may not be that serious. However, if the water is a brown color you might have big problems. This can mean that the catch is a lot bigger than a clog as part of your drain.

    Contact your plumber and have for advice on how in order to resolve your problem!

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