• Plumbing and your home renovations

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    Remodeling your house can be fun and also raise the value of your house. I have done numerous home improvements to my families house. I have found that some renovations are often done yourself and others are usually best left to professionals. If you are willing to go out and learn then you can complete most projects by by yourself. For example, skills like dry walling are confusing in the beginning, but with minimal training you are able to teach yourself. I found the 2 biggest things that are best left to professionals are domestic plumbing and electric. The electric is not only confusing but can also be dangerous if you install the electric incorrectly. Plumbing is not only difficult to learn but also requires lots of tools that a plumber will have access to. I live in an older home and recently re-modeled my bathroom. One of the biggest complaints I had about the bathroom was the hot water. If you flushed the lavatory the shower would become very hot hot. This problem always baffled me. I know that an identical problem is relevant in a lot of old houses. I was very hopeful this was an issue that a plumber could fix. The plumber explained to me that this is a fairly easy fix. The pipes in old houses are installed differently than new houses and this strikes water temperature. It took one day and the plumber had fixed my hot water situation. If you are re-modeling your house I would consult a specialized plumber before doing anything with the pipes at your house. A bad mistake can greatly raise the buying price of a plumber.

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