• Losing your air conditioning?

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    Many of us enjoy the cool air in the summer time that we get from our air conditioning. We like to keep that cool air flowing inside the house by keeping all of the doors and windows tightly shut. This way, you could be sure that the air conditioning in your residence is staying right where it belongs. Can you be and so sure? Many times, doors and windows can be the biggest culprits with regards to lack of insulation and dropping warm and cool air. We all know that we don’t like to linger while using door open if the air conditioning on. For good reason! All of the cool air will slip right outside the door. It will obviously help in case you close the door, but you can still be losing a large amount of cool air if your door isn’t properly insulated. From the space beneath the door to the frame surrounding the threshold, these can be small spaces the location where the cool air can slip from. There are some simple methods of stuff under the door to keep the air from falling out, but these are only temporary solutions which will not provide long term achievements. Getting a whole new door generally is a bit excessive, just to keep in some extra air. So, what in the event you do about losing air from a doors? They sell simple door insulation kits that will provide a better long expression fix to losing the cold air in your house.

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