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    Do you compost or want to compost? I always wanted to for the well being reasons but I couldn’t stand the smell. I would end up storing eggshells, orange peels, and old tea bags and it also would rot. Also I suspected composting meant manure and manure indicates fowl odors. I did not need my home reeking. But I then found Bokashi composting. This product has minimal odor. Besides my natural foods, the Bokashi was odorless. Also through Bokashi I realized to seal my products in the airtight container. Bokashi composting is really incredibly simple and straightforward. Any difficulty I experienced I had an alternative for. My food was not essentially breaking down. I felt I was just burying food within my soil and nothing was happening. Then I found Bokashi EM-1 bran. This EM-1 bran was naturally all organic. It consists or rice bran, molasses, and EM-1, and SuperCera. You add this mixture for your food and it assists in the breakdown of the fermentation practice. My soil looked healthier in days. The earth instead was all dried and cracked and was darker, rich, and full after our improved Bokashi composting method. I could truthfully bury my compost in any way and it was beneficial. My method was burying my Bokashi mix compost pile because it was the most effective for fermentation. It speeds up the break down. The soil loves it, my plants love this, and I love it. You could see the healthy new produce sprout up out from the earth thanks to Bokashi merchandise like EM-1 bran.

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