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    HVAC technicians have a demanding job and have to perform a lot of different repairs and services. The most frequent jobs for HVAC technicians is to repair a heater or air conditioner. These machines operate somewhat the same, but the HVAC technician should be trained to fix both air conditioners and heaters. The technicians also need to perform other services such as HVAC tune-ups and air duct cleanings. The HVAC tune-ups are usually a regular visit where the HVAC technician inspects your machine and tries to uncover ways to increase it’s effectiveness. This can be done through installing new parts and cleaning your machine. A simple cleaning can make your machine run a lot smoother. Air duct cleanings are certainly not that complicated, but they require special tools to be able to complete the job. HVAC technicians also need to be available twenty four hours a day. If someone’s heater breaks in the winter it should be immediately fixed. If it is not it could be a very severe safety hazard. So, there are also times when the HVAC technician is under lots of pressure. HVAC repairs are not always that simple either. Sometimes the repairs are a simple defect with the machine and it is a part that can be replaced. However, there are plenty of parts to air conditioners and heaters and it is usually very difficult determining which part is defective. The HVAC profession is very dynamic and offers many different challenges that it is necessary to have training.

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