• Is your HVAC equipment operating at its highest performance?

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    There are tons of reasons why you should have your heating equipment up to date. It is usually recommended to have your equipment checked every six months. However, if you have a new unit you can even examine your unit every few years for your first few years just to ensure that there aren’t warranty updates. You should notice your furnace operating better after getting a HVAC check-up and see immediate results while using the heating units main features. At these check ups the HVAC technician should check out basic attributes, such as if your filters are clean plus double check that all the gas lines are connected correctly. They should also tune-up the mechanics of your heater so your motor is operating as efficiently as it can be and you are getting the most from your utilities. The HVAC technician can also check to be sure your home is properly winterized and check that you aren’t over paying for your heat. A lot of people have small air leaks in their home that cause them to loose heat through their windows and in the cracks of their door. Whether or not your heating unit is totally optimized, it is going to make it tough to get your full use out of your furnace if you are leaking heat somewhere at your residence. Having an air leak can also raise your monthly utilities payment. In the long run an HVAC check-up can help you save money because you should see a lower utility bill once you have your equipment tuned-up.

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