• Heating and cooling the best way

    January 31st, 2014adminUncategorized

    We was recently in Tucson on business and also had the pleasure of visiting a wonderful home. The house had a very beautiful view of mount Lemmon. The visit was over the summertime and the weather was very warm. The mountains still had snow at the top of them. The house was very spacious and had numerous bathrooms. The kitchen seemed to be all very expensive tile along with woods. Another thing i noticed is that the kitchen had heated floors. The floors felt slightly warmer under your toes. I was very surprised that this was used during the summer. The owners of the house informed me that they left it on all year so that it was nice to walk about with bear feet. They also informed me about their heated pool. The pool had the newest heating technology that made the item warm even through cold winter months nights. The heating and cooling inside the home was also very amazing. The fireplace was not on given it was summer, but i stilled shown admiration for it. The mantle was made involving marble and the base seemed to be oak. The air conditioning cooled the home to the perfect temperature. The host informed me that the whole house was temperature controlled and that they had thermostats in all the rooms in your house. This is very convenient and intended for families. This way everyone will surely have their room a different temperature whenever they are sleeping. I was amazed at all the cool features on this residence. My trip to Tucson was huge success! Follow the link for more info!

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