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    Many Amercians heat their homes with either furnaces or boilers.  Boilers heat water and offer either hot water or steam for heating.  Steam or water is distributed through pipes to radiators or baseboard heaters or even radiant flooring systems.  Boilers are recognized for providing consistent heat all winter long.  They are a perfect source for a radiant system without the noise and drafts of forced air systems.  There are both residential and commercial boilers available today.  You can choose from a diverse array of energy-efficient, high quality gas and oil-fired boilers.  They both work efficiently to circulate hot water or steam to heat own home.  Gas boilers have been known to achieve over a ninety-seven percent efficiency rating.  This makes them well suited for homes in colder climates.  Gas boilers are much simpler on the environment than several home heating solutions.  When investigating boilers, look for Energy Star qualified boilers.  The Energy Star label signifies that a products has met your strict energy guidelines enforced by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  By choosing an Energy Star rated product, you won’t only enhance the comfort of your own home but you will also save energy.  Saving energy means lowering costs on utility bills and protecting the planet.  Energy Star products reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  An Energy Star qualified boiler is capable of an AFUE rating of 85%.  Many advisors offers such features as automated ignition, new combustion technologies and also sealed combustion.  Electronic ignition eliminates the requirement to have the pilot light burning constantly.  New combustion technologies extract more heat through the same amount of fuel.

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