• Fixing your hot water tank

    April 29th, 2014adminUncategorized

    Having issues with your water tank can be a bigger issue than you could ever imagine. I recently had my hot water stop working and tried to repair the problem myself. However, i quickly discovered that i could not fix the issue myself and might need to hire a professional plumber. Once i realized that there was no hot water i went to my basement to inspect my hot water tank. I found that the tank had completely flooded my entire basement. I couldn’t believe that the water tank had become this big of a problem and had flooded my whole downstairs. I started to inspect the water tank to try to find the problem. However, nothing on the water tank made any sense to me. All of the parts connected together and nothing appeared to be working. I realized that this was a problem i could not necessarily fix. So, i contacted a specialist plumber and scheduled an appointment. When the plumber arrived to the house we began discussing the issue i was having with my water tank. He explained to me that this was not that odd of a problem and he saw it often. There are many different reasons behind why your water tank could break, but he concluded in my case that the tank was broken and i had to purchase a new one. I also had to schedule a consultation for the plumber to come install the new tank. The plumber was very professional and installed my tank the next day.

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