• Fixing a clogged toilet

    April 29th, 2014adminUncategorized

    Yesterday i woke up to very un-pleasant surprise. I went to the bathroom and i found that my toilet had over flowed and there was water everywhere on the floor. I had no idea how this had occurred, but i began cleaning it up. I grabbed a mop and began to mop up the excess water that had come from the toilet. What confused me was that it didn’t look like anything in the toilet was blocking the water. I used a cup to move excess water from the toilet to the shower, so that i could further examine the issue and see what was wrong with the toilet. Once i did lower the water level i could tell that there was something clogging the lower part of the toilet. So, i grabbed my plunger and began to plunge the inside of the potty. I pulled up a large amount of toilet paper that must have been preventing the flow of water. However, the water in the bathroom still would not flush. I removed the spine of the toilet and begun examining the inner workings. The toilet seemed to be working fine, which made me conclude that the problem must be with my plumbing. I do not know very much about plumbing, so i contacted a professional plumber to come help with the repair. The plumber arrived to my house in very little time and was able to very easily fix the problem. There was another clog very deep down in the pipe under the toilet i could not reach with the plunger.

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