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    EM stands for effective microorganisms and is a microbial-based product that many people are not aware of. The main product is known as EM-1 and is a liquid bacterial product that contains three kinds of microbes. The product was developed by Japanese farmers a long time ago and was used to improve the soil quality of their farms. This process was carried out in an all natural way. EM have quickly caught on and are now used in over 120 countries throughout the world. There are many benefits to using effective microorganisms including low cost, high quality, safety, convenience, co-prosperity, exchange of information, and co-existence. Effective microorganisms have many uses, but they are best utilized in gardens and are used to improve the soil quality of peoples gardens. If you are struggling to produce fruits and vegetables in your garden you should try using effective microorganisms to break your soil down and add nutrients. This is an all natural process that will stimulate a lot of growth in your garden. Growing your own vegetables is not only a lot cheaper than shopping at the grocery store, but it is also very healthy and will make you want to eat healthy. There is something very rewarding about growing your own vegetables. The process can be very hard when you are not doing any composting or taking any action to improve the soil quality in your garden. Talk to an organic farming company that carries EM-1 and ask them about the advantages. They will be sure to give you more information than you’d expect!


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