• Uses of EM gold

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    In case you have not heard of EM before you should really do some research and pay attention to what this product can do to suit your needs. EM stands for effective microorganisms. Effective microorganisms are commonly used for improving composting and improving the soil quality of the organic farm. However, there are also many ways to utilize EM-1 close to your house. EM-1 is a microbial inoculant designed for the home. This product is chemical-free which enables it to deodorize anything and control odors. EM-1 is also a all natural cleaner that can replace a lot of the cleaners that you use in your residence. Em-1 is also very good to make use of in your septic tank. Em-1 is a septic tank enzyme additive of which eliminates odors, lowers maintenance costs, and improves drainage. This product is popular because it has a wide variety of uses. There are not many products used to improve your soil quality and in addition use it as a cleaner in your residence. Effective microorganisms are also used as a kitchen composting method and break food waste into a liquid fertilizer. EM-1 is a certified organic farming product and won’t use any additives. So, by using Em-1 in your garden you will be sure that you are using the best possible fertilizer for your plants health. contact an organic farming business and ask them about all the numerous uses of EM-1. There are a a lot of different forms of Em as well that an organic farming business can help you pick from.

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