• When should I contact a plumber?

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    There is almost no feeling as discouraging as needing to plunge your toilet more than you ought to. When your toilet starts getting older it might be plugging for reasons besides extreme paper. Regardless of the age of this toilet, the less toilet paper you use the better. However, there are other factors that may be effecting the quality of the toilet. Water pressure is key when discussing if your toilet is running properly. If the toilet is not really getting enough water pressure it won’t function properly. The other issue could be with the actual toilet. The gears in the rear of a toilet are very simple which enables it to be easily replaced. If you are noticing the handle feels looser than normal when you flush it could be a problem with the gears of the toilet. If you open the water tank you should be able to quickly tell if there is a problem. The toilet handle is generally connected to a small plunger that clogs the opening to the bowl of the toilet. these pieces can certainly be separated, making your toilet not flush anymore. If the handle has lost tension then it may be that the pieces are unfastened. If your toilet seems to be working fine than you are having a plumbing issue. Plumbing issues aren’t easily solved yourself. It is obviously best to contact a plumber and still have your water lines looked at. The plumber can check the pipes with your water pressure and determine what your condition is.

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