• Using composting to your advantage

    April 30th, 2014adminUncategorized

    Em Bokashi is a new product with a lot of advantages. Not many people know about it today, but it is guaranteed and has been a widely used product for lots of years. Bokashi is made of rice bran and it is used to activate anaerobic fermentation, a method of food waste recycling that has many advantages. The bokahsi concept is originally based on Japanese farming and was developed by a Japanese scientist. Decomposition and rotting is generally a result of anaerobic microbes that need almost no oxygen. These microbes dominate the soil plus release a very bad aroma. The Bokashi method is anaerobic, but does not promote rotting. Bokashi utilizes all of these microorganisms that require no oxygen to break up organic material. Organic waste is waste that can be broken down, such as the particular skins and peels of oranges and bananas. The most common use of Bokashi is to use it to break down these peels into a compost that is filled with nutrients and great fro your soil. This product is natural and does not emit the foul smell how the bacteria would normally emit. The product or service is also guaranteed and it won’t have a negative effects on your pets or any insects. Consequently, you can be sure that all it may do is help your soil and plants and it won’t harm any animals. Try the Bokashi composting method and pay attention to the immediate results in your gardens and all around your home.

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