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    Determining if your air conditioner is broken could be more difficult than people believe. A unit can still be providing cool air and grow defective. It can be extremely tough for someone with no HVAC experience to be sure their unit is actually broken. This is because the defect could be caused by numerous reasons. This list should provide some information on if your unit is faulty or not.

    1. Does the unit periodically make a rattling sound? A properly running air conditioning should not rattle. The sound needs to be that of a small fan. Any odd sounds are symptomatic that your unit is shattered, or is going to break soon.
    2. Is the air significantly cooler versus outside air? This can be tough to tell. Compare a thermometer in identical room as the unit to 1 in the furthest room from using it.
    3. If the unit is closed to 1 room is that room cooler versus house? This method can help show if the unit is working but just isn’t circulating air correctly. Some units that have a defective fan still think that they are working because they’re providing cool air. However, if the fan is broken the unit won’t be able to cool an entire home.
    4. How old is the unit? Air conditioners typically only possess a life of approximately 10 years or less. If your unit is less than 5 years old there is usually no defect, or the defect is incredibly small. If the unit is over 10 years than it may be time for a replacement.

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